Don’t Read These Books In Public…

…because we can not be responsible for what happens.

We sat down with our Editors and started going thru our library of hot, steamy ebooks. It’s a good thing it was a Zoom meeting and not in person. Who knows what would have happened between Jeremy and Angela… but let me tell you, they were sweating. Their lips were moving in unnatural ways. The electric sparks flashing between them were unmistakable.

And that was after only reading the first book…

Imagine how they were after 128!

Last we heard, they decided to move to Maui and work on a beach under the Hawaiian sun, drinking Mai Tai's in a hammock together. 

Now we are not saying this will happen to you, but sitting on a beach with the one you love sounds pretty good to us!

So in honor of Jeremy and Angela, we finished putting together our exclusive 128 book Erotica bundle (Yes, they only got thru one book, so we had to decide on the other 127 books!)

And it’s a steal at only $35!

Our eBooks work on all readers - Kindle, eReader, iPad, Nook, etc.

Forget about hauling five heavy paper books on your next trip to Hawaii! You’ll have all the reading you could want sitting on your phone or iPad.

When you order the bundle, you get all of the books at once. Instantly download them to your personal device, and you have them forever. 

This bundle supports our efforts to offer free books to our members. You get a great bargain. We get to help students and avid readers around the world with your support. 

And you get to read racy stories from some terrific but unknown (for now!), authors!

The entire bundle is just $35. Less than the retail price of a few of the titles included.

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